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Building Wind Finland 2020 together with

Wind Finland agenda is out – Hydrogen and P2X as major topics

After the corona virus pandemia has relaxed it’s grip from the society, Wind Finland strengthens its position as the main wind event in Finland. Once again, the event has been sold out, and the exhibition area is fully booked. ”We are all longing for live meetings. And, as the wind power market in Finland is very hot at the moment, many have really been waiting for Wind Finland – new encounters and exchange of thoughts. No number of Teams-meetings can replace a good coffee break discussion!”, says Heidi Paalatie, the Chief Operating Officer of the Finnish Wind Power Association.

The full agenda of Wind Finland is now ready making it a full day of sharing knowledge and discussing about the most current issues within the wind industry in Finland. The seminar is divided into four sessions, leaving a great deal of time between each session for networking. ”Wind Finland spin off events, like Wind Finland goes Construction, dive deep into specific themes while the main event, Wind Finland, brings together a numbers different viewpoints and perspectives related to Finnish wind market”, Paalatie explains.

As part of the energy transition, transportation and industrial processes need to be decarbonized. This will require electrification, in which wind power has a great potential to cover the growing need of clean electricity. This year in Wind Finland, the second seminar session focuses on decarbonization of the society with P2X-solutions. Hydrogen will be highlighted in the seminar as the Finnish Wind Power Association is part of the Hydrogen Cluster Finland. However, in the field of sector integration, hydrogen is not the only interesting solution making way for electrification. Matti Rautkivi, the Head of Market Development of Nordic Ren-Gas Oy will be introducing the company’s aim to procure Finnish wind power with PPA deals worth MW1200, and turn the clean electricity into fuel for heavy traffic – well during this decade. ”The first projects are already underway, and the goal is to start fuel production in 2025. By 2030, we have built a comprehensive synthetic fuel production network in Finland for heavy traffic”, says Rautkivi.

In the seminar, the participants will also get a chance to be the first ones to hear the results of a validation study of four different wind atlases for Finland. ”There are many wind atlases available for Finland but their accuracy has never been evaluated with met mast measurements as comprehensively before as done now”, tells Ville Lehtomäki, Managing Director of Kjeller Vindteknikk Oy. ”We have studied, which of the atlases is most accurate for Finland and how can these atlases be used to minimize costs in wind power project development”, continues Lehtomäki.

This year Wind Finland will be organized for the 7th time and it has continuously been growing bigger. The main event grows, but also a variety of spin off -events are organized. In January 2022, before the start of the most hectic construction season, ”Wind Finland goes Construction” seminar will take place in Oulu focusing on health & safety, and other important topics of construction phase. ”Following years will break all time wind power construction records in Finland, so yes – it’s definitely time for Wind Finland to go construction!”, says Paalatie.

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