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Building Wind Finland 2020 together with


Wind Finland goes Production – 16th of Feb. 2021

9:30 Virtual doors open – Time for networking

9:45 Heidi Paalatie
Director of Operations, Finnish Wind Power Association
Wind Power in Finland. Statistics 2020 and outlook for coming years.

10:00 Electricity Market

Hanni Sonkeri
Designer, Fingrid Oyj
How to improve the possibilities of wind power participation in the Finnish balancing electricity market

Pia Ruokolainen
Specialist, Fingrid Oyj
Market Places for Automatic Frequency Control

10:50 Performance Optimization

Rickard Klinkert
Department Manager, Ramboll
Experiences from evaluating SCADA data for understanding the development of the power curve over time and the associated losses

11:45 – 13:00 Lunch break + networking

13:00 Anni Mikkonen
CEO, Finnish Wind Power Association
Advocacy update 

13:15 Blades

Petteri Antikainen
CEO, Wicetec
Ice Prevention, option also as a retrofit 

Malte Sander
Blade Specialist, Nordex Energy
New ways of blade maintenance

14:30 Production

Antti Leskinen
CEO, APL Systems
Acoustic Predictive Maintenance in Wind Power

Antti Kuusela
Expert, Fingrid Oyj
Subsynchronous oscillation risks for wind power plants

15:30 Safety

Jari Tuomi
Head of Unit, Electrical Installations, Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)
Steps for safe working


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