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Building Wind Finland 2020 together with

Announced speakers

Karoliina Joensuu

Responsible leader of the VN TEAS study on wind power

Ways to advance wind power construction in Finland

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Karoliina Joensuu, M.Sc. (tech.), has  been working with wind power in Finland for more than 10 years. During this time she has been responsible for numerous engineering and consulting assignments on wind power, for projects in development and in operation, and more broadly in relation to wind power generation in Finland. Recently, Karoliina Joensuu was the responsible leader of a Government funded study on ways to advance wind power construction in Finland. Karoliina currently works for Caverion.

Riku Huttunen

Director General for Energy,
Director General for Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Finland)

Finland’s Pathway to Net-zero

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Riku Huttunen is the Director General of the Energy Department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland since 2015. The department is in charge of national and EU energy policy issues as well as coordination of national climate policy measures. Riku Huttunen has previously served as the Director General of the Finnish Energy Authority and before that in several positions at the Ministry’s Energy Department. He has also worked as Counsellor at the Permanent Representation of Finland to the EU in Brussels.

Riku Huttunen (born 1966) holds a Master’s degree (M. Pol. Sc.) in Economics from the University of Helsinki.

Peter Lund

Professor in Advanced Energy Systems at Aalto University

Prospects of wind energy for reaching carbon-neutrality and beyond

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Dr. Peter Lund is Professor in Advanced Energy Systems at Aalto University, Finland. He has 40 years of experience in renewable energy technologies and policies, working across disciplines and bridging sectors. He has/had visiting professor positions in Germany and China. He led the national programme on new energy technologies NEMO (Tekes) 1988-1998. Dr. Lund is active in senior roles with EU initiatives in energy: he chaired the Advisory Group Energy of European Commission 2002-06 and the Energy Steering Panel of European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC, 2013-2017). He has served many energy programs worldwide in advisory roles, incl. IEA. He is member of the Finnish Academy Science and Letters and Swedish Engineering Academy in Finland. Dr. Lund is Editor of Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment and member of several editorial boards. He is internationally awarded, recipient of the Jinling Award in 2016. His doctoral degree is from Helsinki University of Technology (1984); London Business School Alumni (1989).

Petteri Laaksonen

Dr Sc. (Tech), Research Director LUT School of Energy Systems

Electrification and Hydrogen Economy – The Role of Affordable Electricity

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Petteri Laaksonen, Dr Sc. (Tech), Research Director in LUT School of Energy Systems, has been working with industrial engineering and management for 35 years. Mr. Laaksonen has wide experience from the wind power industry as he has been Managing Director and  Partner of TuuliSaimaa Oy from  2009 to 2017. Since then he has also been a member of the board of several energy related companies and works now at the LUT School of Energy Systems.

One of his latest projects has been The Carbon Neutral Finland report prepared by experts from LUT, Wärtsilä and St1. The report examines the utilization of CO2 emissions from industry and power plants in the production of carbon-neutral liquid transport fuels.



Matti Rautkivi

Ren-Gas Oy

Decarbonizing transportation sector with wind based renewable gas

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Matti Rautkivi is heading market development for Nordic Ren-Gas Oy, a Finnish company to decarbonize the heavy-duty transportation sector with renewable synthetic gases. Matti has more than 15 years of experience in the energy sector, and his value-based ideas have helped utilities around the world to benefit from affordable renewable energy.

Matti is a man of trailblazing ideas and inspirational speeches and has also written two books.  His articles on  the  energy  markets  have  been  published,  for  example,  in  TIME  magazine and in numerous other industry publications.  Even in his  spare  time,  Matti  continues  to  seek  innovative  solutions,  often  helping  his  friends to succeed in their business ventures.

Matti holds MSc degree in Industrial Engineering from Lappeenranta University of Technology. He lives in Espoo with his wife and two kids.

Leena Sivill

Dr.Sc.(Tech), is Principal at AFRY Management Consulting

Hydrogen economy in Finland: opportunities and limitations – views from an ongoing project

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Leena Sivill, Dr.Sc.(Tech), is Principal at AFRY Management Consulting. She has over 20 years of experience in energy management in industries, energy markets, market design, and energy policy and regulation in the Nordics and Baltic states. She has, e.g., acted as an advisor for gas market liberalization in Finland 2016-2021, and currently manages the project ‘Hydrogen economy – opportunities and limitations’ for the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office.

Magnus Korpås

Professor, NTNU

The role of wind energy in hydrogen futures – Examples from the Nordic area and the US

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Magnus Korpås received his Ph.D. degree from the Norwegian University ofScience and Technology (NTNU), Norway, in 2004 on the topic of optimizing the  use  of  energy  storage  and hydrogen for  wind  energy  in  the  power  market. He  is  currently  working  as  Professor  at  the  Department  of  Electric  Power Engineering, NTNU, covering the research areas of energy systems optimizations, power market development and integration of renewable energy in the power system. He is a former Research Director of the Department of Energy Systems at SINTEF Energy Research, Norway. He was a visiting researcher in the MIT Laboratory for  Information  &  Decision  Systems  (LIDS)  in  2018-2019.  He is part of IEA Wind Task 25 on Large-scale Integration of Wind Power in Systems where he leads the work on Market Integration. He is also in the leader group of FME NorthWind, which is a  new research centre for offshore and onshore wind energy in Norway.

Juha Känkänen

Investment Director, Ålandsbanken Funds Ltd.

Money Talk – Change in investment climate?

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Juha Känkänen, M.Sc. (Tech) works as an Investment Director at Ålandsbanken Funds, where he manages the first open-ended wind power fund in Finland, Ålandsbanken Tuulivoima. Prior to joining Ålandsbanken, Juha worked for 20 years as a consultant advising both domestic and international clients in complex investment projects. His key areas of expertise are long-term Nordic electricity markets and EU emission trading as well as finance and energy production technologies based on combustion and renewables.

Johannes Brunila

Transactions, OX2

Money Talk – Change in investment climate?

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With nearly 10 years’ experience from manifold ownership change arrangements, Johannes is a transaction professional, focusing on green energy infrastructure (esp. wind power) transactions at OX2. While being a forerunner among the European wind power developers, OX2 is considered a wind energy transaction powerhouse with multiple arrangements taking place each year. Working frequently in project management positions in both sell- and buy-side transactions, Johannes holds a viewpoint on the global financing and money market, as well as industry specific value-chain and project development expertise.

Johannes holds a master’s degree in law and economics.



Heidi Paalatie

Chief Operating Officer, Finnish Wind Power Association

Advocacy update

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Heidi Paalatie, M.Econ. in Corporate Environmental Management, is Director of Operations in Finnish Wind Power Association. She has been with the association over seven years with wide range of responsibilities within public relations, advocacy, and communications. FWPA is the leading industry association for wind power in Finland. The association is a key player, when it comes to providing information and forming the future of the industry in Finland.

Matti Sirkkola

Senior Staff Officer, Ministry of Defence

Co-existence of wind power and defense

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Lieutenant Commander Matti Sirkkola (GSO) is the Senior Staff Officer in charge of Territorial Surveillance and Airspace Management at the Defence Policy Department of the Ministry of Defence.

Ville Lehtomäki

Managing Director, Kjeller Vindteknikk Oy

Validation of 4 different wind atlases for Finland

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Mr Lehtomäki works as Managing Director at the science-based consultancy company Kjeller Vindteknikk Oy (Finnish office). In addition to managing the Finnish office’s commercial operations, his technical work today focuses on wind energy topics such as energy yield assessments, icing loss evaluations, turbine SCADA analyses and wind measurement campaign planning. From 2009-2018 he worked at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd in Wind Power team having extensive international wind energy experience most within cold climate wind energy.

Mr Lehtomäki has a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering (product development) from Helsinki University of Technology.

He is on a mission to help unlock the full potential of wind energy in Finland.

Anni Mikkonen

CEO, Finnish Wind Power Association

Advocacy update

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Anni Mikkonen is the CEO of the Finnish Wind Power Association since 2009. During her time the association and the importance of wind power in the Finnish energy sector have increased significantly.  Anni is leading wind power experts in Finland. She holds a master’s decrees in Environmental Sciences (MSc) and  in Corporate Environmental Management (M. Econ).

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