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Wind Finland goes Production 2021
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Wind Finland goes Production! The seminar is the second in series of Wind Finland spin-off events that will be diving deep in specific themes. Welcome to the Wind Finland virtual experience – see you in February!

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Announced speakers

Heidi Paalatie

Director of Operations, Finnish Wind Power Association

Wind Power in Finland. Statistics 2020 and outlook for coming years

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Heidi Paalatie, M.Econ. in Corporate Environmental Management, is Director of Operations in Finnish Wind Power Association. She has been with the association over eight years with a wide range of responsibilities within public relations, advocacy, and communications.  FWPA is the leading industry association for wind power in Finland. The association is a key player, when it comes to providing information and forming the future of the industry in Finland.

Anni Mikkonen

CEO, Finnish Wind Power Association

 Advocacy update

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Anni Mikkonen is the CEO of the Finnish Wind Power Association since 2009. During her time the association and the importance of wind power in the Finnish energy sector have increased significantly.  

Anni Mikkonen holds a master’s decree on Environmental Sciences (MSc) and another one in Environmental Management (M. Econ).

Jari Tuomi

Head of Unit, Electrical Installations, Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)

Steps for safe working

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Jari Tuomi, M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, works as Head of Unit of Electrical Installations at Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). He has worked more than 10 years at Tukes, mainly within electrical products market surveillance activities.

Jaakko Ala-Reinikka

Operational Excellence Manager, Carelin

Performance loss identification with existing data

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Jaakko Ala-Reinikka, M.Sc. (Tech.), has been working in wind power industry during three decades. He has wide experience in the industry including O&M topics, +1000 MW of construction projects and production performance consultancy. Together with Carelin-team Jaakko has developed the BI-tool ”Carelin Production Performance Analysis” to analyse and identify the losses in the turbine`s performance. Jaakko is co-founder of Carelin established in 2017, and works currently as an Operational Excellence Manager in the company.  With strong technical understanding and active communication between stakeholders Jaakko and his team is maximasing owner`s energy production. 

Hanni Sonkeri

Designer, Fingrid Oyj

How to improve the possibilities of wind power participation in the Finnish balancing electricity market

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Hanni Sonkeri, M.Sc. (Tech), works as a Designer at Fingrid Oyj. She graduated from Aalto University in December 2020 and wrote her thesis about Wind Power Participation in the Finnish Balancing Electricity Market. Hanni has started working at Fingrid in 2019 first as a trainee and, after six months of exchange studies in Germany in 2019, as a master thesis worker and a part time trainee. Currently, Hanni is working mainly with Fingrid’s internal and local implementation of the Nordic Balancing Model (NBM) -project.

Petteri Antikainen

CEO, Wicetec

Ice Prevention, option also as a retrofit

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Petteri has worked 25 years with cold climate wind power. In 2014 he co-founded Wicetec, a company dedicated to ice prevention of wind turbines.

Before Wicetec, he has developed tools and methods for cold climate including standards in national and international standardization committees, SESKO, and IEC MT12-1. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Technical Physics at HUT, Finland. Petteri has worked as principal scientist at VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland. He has also been a board member in Finnish Wind Power Assosiation.

Antti Kuusela

Expert for power generation grid integration at Fingrid Oyj

Subsynchronous oscillation risks for wind power plants

Ville Koskela

Managing Director, WiCo Inspections Oy

Wind Turbine Statutory Inspections in Finland

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Ville Koskela, M.Sc (Tech) is Managing Director of WiCo Inspections, a subsidiary of Wind Controller Oy. Ville has worked 12 years on the field of wind power with the duties of engineering, O&M, sales and business development. Currently, at WiCo Inspections his focus is to provide high quality wind power inspection services which satisfy both laws and regulations as well as customers’ demands.  

Pia Ruokolainen

Specialist, Fingrid Oyj

Market Places for Automatic Frequency Control

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Pia Ruokolainen, M.Sc. (Tech.), is a specialist working with automatic frequency control reserves at the transmission system operator Fingrid. She has been working with maintaining and developing technical specifications of different reserve products, including implementation of Fast Frequency Reserve in the Nordics in 2020.

Antti Leskinen

CEO, APL Systems

Acoustic Predictive Maintenance in Wind Power

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Antti Leskinen is CEO of APL Systems with broad commercial experience in big data in acoustics, IoT, acoustic signal analysis and industrial predictive maintenance. APL Systems has been involved with noise and acoustics in various industries above 15 years. Antti has been working in the field of acoustic predictive maintenance and noise monitoring utilizing acoustic data above 15 years with industrial leaders within water, energy and manufacturing industries. 

Henrik Asplund

Business Area Manager, Kiwa Inspecta

Hydraulic Accumulator registrations according Finnish Pressure Equipment Act 1144/2016

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Henrik is experienced pressure vessel specialist with background from Oil & Gas industry. He is currently working as a Business Area Manager at Kiwa Inspecta. His team which consists of 20 Inspection Engineers is responsible of pressure equipment inspections according Finnish Law, EU Directives and ASME-code in Southern Finland.

Rickard Klinkert

Department Manager, Ramboll

Experiences from evaluating SCADA data for understanding the development of the power curve over time and the associated losses

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Rickard has a history in the Wind Industry since 2012. He was previously the managing director of a wind power consultancy, working mainly with wind measurements and assessments in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Rickard has in-depth knowledge of the Finnish and Nordic markets and hands on experience of analysing and advising on a large number of wind farms. His background is in Energy Yield Assessment, wind analysis, production calculations, uncertainty estimations and CFD-modeling. Rickard is the head of business development in the Nordics for Onshore wind in Ramboll, having long experience of working closely together with developers, investors and banking active in this region. Rickard is continuously involved in wind farm projects across the Nordics, from screening to repowering.

Malte Sander

Blade Specialist, Nordex Energy

New ways of blade maintenance

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Malte Sander works as Blade Specialist at Nordex Energy SE & Co. KG. He develops Blade maintenance strategies and consults Nordex region Nordic and UK + Ireland in servicing rotor blades. Malte start at Nordex in 2014 in blade production as process engineer and joined Service in 2016. He has a master degree and vocational training in composites materials that strengthened his background for blade defect analysis and defect tolerance.

Joel Igba

Senior Product Manager for Turbine Service Products, Vestas

Operation and monitoring of large wind portfolios and its most suitable analytics and digital tools

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Joel is a Senior Product Manager for Turbine Service Products in Vestas. He is responsible for developing new commercial offerings in the service contract and maintenance business segment. Prior to that he had spent roughly 10 years in Vestas, working primarily in Data Analytics and Reliability Engineering. Joel has a Masters Degree and an Engineering Doctorate in Advanced Mechanical Engineering and Systems respectively.

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