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Building Wind Finland 2020 together with


Please note: These presentations are confidential and limited to Wind Finland guests only.

First session

Jan Hagen – Seminar Opening [PDF]

Karoliina Joensuu – Ways to advance wind power construction in Finland [PDF]

Riku Huttunen – Finland’s Pathway to Net-zero [PDF]

Peter Lund – Prospects of wind energy for reaching carbon-neutrality and beyond [PDF]

Second Session

Petteri Laaksonen – The Role of Affordable Electricity [PDF]

Matti Rautkivi – Decarbonizing transportation sector with wind based renewable gas [PDF]

Leena Sivill – Hydrogen economy in Finland: opportunities and limitations – views from an ongoing project [PDF]

Magnus Korpås – The role of wind energy in hydrogen futures – Examples from the Nordic area and the US [PDF]

Third Session

Juha Känkänen Johannes Brunila – Change in investment climate? (discussion only)

Harriet Lonka – Resilience and Finnish work life (no presentation)

Fourth Session

Matti Sirkkola – Co-existence of wind power and defense [PDF]

Ville Lehtomäki – Validation of 4 different wind atlases for Finland [PDF]

Anni Mikkonen Heidi Paalatie Advocacy update [PDF]

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