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Building Wind Finland 2020 together with

Three Moderators – one for all and all for one

Wind Finland has not one but three moderators this year. Marja Kaitaniemi from St1 is the
Chairperson of the board of Finnish Wind Power association and leading moderator of the day.
Marja will guide us through the energy transition and FWPA’s 2030 vision.

In the afternoon there will be parallel sessions about PPA´s and Electricity Market 2.0.
Olli Hagqvist from Taaleri will be moderating the PPA session and Matti Rautkivi from Wärtsilä
moderates Electricity Market 2.0 session. After the parallel sessions all three moderators will
go through the highlights of the sessions as a summary.

Marja Kaitaniemi
Chairperson of the board of Finnish Wind Power Association
Portfolio Development Manager, St1 Renewable Energy

Marja is the chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Finnish Wind Power Association.
She works at TuuliWatti, the biggest wind power producer, where she is responsible of
developing the project portfolio. Marja has wide experience in the wind power industry as
well as climate and energy policy. She holds M.Sc. in environmental sciences.

Olli Hagqvist
Production Manager
Taaleri Energia

Olli works as a production manager at Taaleri Energia. He has an experience of over 8 years
from wind energy and electricity markets and networks. He has joined Taaleri in 2011 and since
then being involved in all phases of wind energy projects from green field development to asset
management of operational wind farms. His technical specialties are electricity markets,
integrating renewable energy to power systems and asset management concepts.
He also have a broad understanding of renewable energy insurances.

Olli holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering from Tampere University of Technology.
His studies focused on renewable energy technology, power markets and networks as well as industrial economics.

Matti Rautkivi
Director, Sales & Marketing
Wartsila Energy Solutions

Matti Rautkivi is an energy industry thought leader. As an engineer for the Finnish energy technology
company Wärtsilä, his innovative, value-based ideas have helped electric utilities In North America,
Europe, Australia and the Middle East seize new business opportunities through flexible power
generation. Matti is an active speaker and writer, who has written the book Goodbye to Deerland –
Leading Your Utility Through the American Energy Transition. His blog articles on about energy markets have been published
in TIME magazine and in many energy industry publications.
He currently lives in Helsinki, Finland, with his wife and two kids.

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