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Building Wind Finland 2020 together with

Partner Information

We ask you to read these material instructions carefully – Welcome to Wind Finland 2023

Basic information

Exhibition area is located right next to the seminar hall. Exhibition area will be used for networking, coffee break’s, lunch and dinner.


  • Stands and booths have been pre-built. Printed walls, roll-ups, videos and furniture included in the partnership will be ready for your arrival.
  • Please contact for marketing materials to be sent to the event.
  • All stands have electricity in their use (230V).

Parking & transportation



Booth dimensions:
Width / height: 2 x 2 meters

Roll-up size:
80 x 200 cm

Things to remember:

  • Virtual Booth-materials
  • Roll-up material

Premium Partner

Booth dimensions:
Width / height: 3,5 x 2,5 meters

Printed wall dimensions:
1 x 225 x 225 cm

Roll-up size:
80 x 200 cm

Things to remember:

  • Virtual Booth-materials
  • Roll-up & printed wall materials
  • Video Ad to Exhibition hall

Main Partner

Booth dimensions:
Width / height: 5 x 2,5 meters

Printed wall dimensions:
2 x 225 x 225 cm
1 x 35 x 225 cm

Screen size:
98 inches (219 x 125 cm)

Things to remember:

  • Virtual Booth-materials
  • Printed wall materials
  • Video Ads to Exhibition & Seminar halls

Schedule and deadlines

Deadlines for the materials

We ask you to send all the materials to

  • Printed materials before 8th of Sep.
  • Digital materials before 20th of Sep. 
  • Food and drink orders two weeks before the event

Schedule before the event

  • Guest list will be published on the 4th of Sep.
  • Partner Access to Networking App will open 20th of Sep.
  • Partner Registration form will be sent to you on 13th of Sep.
  • Registration closes on the 19th of Sep.

Event Schedule

3rd of Oct. – Prep-day

  • Doors are open for partners from 5pm to 10pm.

4th of Oct. – The event

  • Doors open for partners at 7:30am
  • Doors open for guests at 8:30am

5th of Oct.

  • Event closes at 1am
  • Doors close for partners at 2am
  • Doors open for partners from 8am to 10am

Guidelines – Printed materials

Printed walls

Main Partner: 2 walls
Premium Partner: 1 wall

Width: 2240 mm
2245 mm
Bleed: 15 mm
Material: Decor fabric
Instructions: Resolution: 70-300 dpi, Color: CMYK, Color profile: ISO Coated v2 (ECI)
Preferred file: Print-ready PDF in right dimensions with bleed, without cutting marks.


Partner: 1 roll-up
Premium Partner: 1 roll-up
Networking Partner: 1 roll-up
Main Partner: optional

Width: 800 mm
2000 mm
Bleed: 50 mm
Instructions: Resolution: 150-300 dpi, Color: CMYK, Color profile: ISO Coated v2 (ECI)
Preferred file: Print-ready PDF in right dimensions with bleed, without cutting marks.

Digital materials

Screen (Stand)

Main partner: 98″
Others: optional 55″

The video will play on repeat. You can also use powerpoint-presentation or multiple videos. Materials can be presented from your own laptop (HDMI) or transferred to a usb-memorystick (no .pptx). There can be an audio with a reasonable volume.

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px (16:9)
Format: .png / .jpg / .mov / .mp4 / .pptx

Video ads

Main partner: Exhibition area max. 30 seconds, Seminar hall max 15 seconds.
Premium Partner: Exhibition area max 15 seconds.

Video ads will be played on the big screens in the Exhibition and the Seminar halls. Seminar hall videos include audio, exhibition area has no audio.

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px (16:9)
Format: .png / .jpg / .mov / .mp4 / .pptx

Networking App & Virtual Booths

All partnerships include a Virtual Partner Booth. You may add basic information of your company, contact details, linked company representatives, embedded files and additional features. Virtual booth can be found from the networking app and also visited by livestream-guests.

Basic information about the company

  • Company name
  • Slogan
  • Description (about one paragraph)
  • Company logo
  • Links to social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Website-address
  • Name of the Virtual Booth administrator – Admin can see the analytics & change details
  • Names of the Company Representatives on the Partner’s Virtual Booth.

In addition to basic details, we can add material/services on the Virtual Booth

  • Videos (YouTube-link / file to be downloaded to server)
  • Links to websites
  • Presentations
  • Service / product introductions

We recommend using OneDrive/GoogleDrive/WeTransfer for sending the materials.

If you have any questions about the materials, please contact

Partner Access to Networking App opens two weeks before the event. Information package will be sent to all partners.

Networking app

Virtual Partner Booth

Food and Drinks

In general

Partners can serve food and drinks on their stands.

  • Non-alcohol drinks: you can bring your beverages or make an order, and the drinks will be waiting on your stand.
  • Alcohol drinks: According to Finnish alcohol licensing legislation, selling and serving alcoholic beverages is always subject to license. Licensing legislation prohibits the exhibitors from bringing their own or sponsored drinks to the events. You can order beer, cider, long drink, and wine to your stand.
  • Food: You can serve pre-packaged food (for example, candies/chocolate, etc.). You can also order cocktail bites from the restaurant. 


  • Beers: Aura, Lapin Kulta, Sol, Birra Moretti (~6€/bottle)
  • Ciders: Happy Joe, Strongbow, Upcider (~6€/bottle)
  • Long Drinks: Original Long Drink (Hartwall, ~6€/bottle)
  • White wine, red wine, sparkling wine (~30€/bottle)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: Ask more information from our support
  • – – –
  • Fridge 80€
  • Glasses for wine 0,50€ / piece

Cocktail Bites

Price: 4,50€ / piece. Minimum order of 30 pieces per taste.


  • Bruschetta with ox and caper-mayo (L,M)
  • Avokadomousse with citron-shrimps in tartlet (L,M,G) 
  • Finnish Brie-cheese with lime-persimonjam on a orange-fennel-bread (L) 
  • Reindeer quiche with a beetroot-lingonberry chutney (L) 


  • Mango-mascarpone eclair (L) 
  • Small chocolate-cup filled with milk-chocolate mousse and salted caramel nuts (L, G) 
  • Macarons assortment 3 pieces (L, G) 

Contact us

General information, tickets, changes

Aino Herranen / FWPA
+358 40 772 3519

Anne Heinonen / FWPA
+358 40 134 3336

Production, materials, technical information

Vilppu-Valtteri Johansson
+358 400 783 293

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