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Building Wind Finland 2020 together with

Wind Finland 2023 is approaching – are you in?

This autumn, Wind Finland takes over Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki to host the biggest wind power seminar ever held in Finland! Organized on the 4th of October, the seminar gathers over 500 people from more than 12 countries to network and learn from the latest developments within the industry. 

Wind Finland offers its visitors a full day seminar and an unique opportunity to network with industry experts and potential partners. In the event, you’ll be able to connect with project developers, investors, manufacturers, subcontractors and service providers as well as politicians, authorities and other community representatives.

At the seminar you will hear from top speakers and get the latest information on industry developments, current topics and new technologies. In addition to the seminar, the venue offers a great networking opportunity and an evening program of cocktails and dinner, as well as an entertaining program accompanied with good food and music until the late hours of the evening. So this year there’s no need to find afterparties elsewhere! 

Networking is the heart of the seminar

It’s important for us that in every Wind Finland seminar the visitors have time and possibility to meet each other and build new contacts. By arranging the seminar this year at Kaapelitehdas, we have responded to the growth of the event by reserving plenty of space not only for the seminar part but also for the networking.

The seminar itself is divided into four sessions, leaving a great deal of time between each session for networking which this year will continue all the way to the evening right on the spot in Kaapelitehdas. 

We also provide our customers a newly improved networking application which allows you to connect with other seminar guests and set appointments. 

To gain more visibility and possible contacts within the event companies can also become a partner in the event. There are still few partnerships left, so if you’re interested, please contact our Wind Finland team.

New speakers announced

In this year’s Wind Finland 2023 we will get a good status check on the wind power policy and technology development within Europe as Giles Dickson, the CEO of WindEurope will give a keynote speech followed by Vestas’ Regional President (Northern and Central Europe) Nils De Baar diving into the question on how industry will deliver on Wind Energy ambitions in Europe.

We’ll also hear presentations about electricity storage and hydrogen as the CEO of Finnish H2 cluster Simo Säynevirta will share his thoughts on how Finnish strategy for hydrogen economy can boost wind power development.

You can learn more from the already announced speakers at the event web page. The final program will be published closer to the event, so stay tuned!

Get your tickets now

This year’s seminar is the 9th Wind Finland seminar ever organized and it has been growing fast during the past years with tickets sold out time after time. So be sure to secure your spot now to the year’s most spectacular wind power seminar!

Wind Finland is organized by Finnish Wind Power Association and it has already been joined by two spin-off events: Wind Finland Oulu organized in Feb 1st 2024 and Wind Finland Offshore organized in May 14th 2024.


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