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Building Wind Finland 2020 together with

Wind Finland 2019 – more energetic than ever before!

Third time´s a charm. High score for Haltia as a venue takes us back there once more, this time on 10th of October. Our annual seminar is followed by cocktails and Wind Finland dinner, which makes it a full day of wind power and networking within the industry.

Wind Finland 2019 will be about “new ground for wind power”: Advanced technology opens new ground for constructing and financing wind power but is political frame setting doing the same? How about grids: is grid infrastructure opening new ground for variable renewable electricity production? This time we will also provide technical topics that have been requested in the seminar feedback.

Registration opens on 15th of Feb with Blind Bird tickets only 250 euros (+ VAT).

Last year we had more exhibitors than ever, and we have used the precious feedback to make exhibition area even better this year. Find out more about partner opportunities and book yours now!

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