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Announced speakers

Peter Lund

Professor in Advanced Energy Systems at Aalto University

Scenarios for growth of wind power – does it go by the book?

Dr. Peter Lund is Professor in Advanced Energy Systems at Aalto University, Finland. He has 40 years of experience in renewable energy technologies and policies, working across disciplines and bridging sectors. He has/had visiting professor positions in Germany and China.

He led the national programme on new energy technologies NEMO (Tekes) 1988-1998. Dr. Lund is active in senior roles with EU initiatives in energy: he chaired the Advisory Group Energy of European Commission 2002-06 and the Energy Steering Panel of European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC, 2013-2017). He has served many energy programs worldwide in advisory roles, incl. IEA.

He is member of the Finnish Academy Science and Letters and Swedish Engineering Academy in Finland. Dr. Lund is Editor of Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment and member of several editorial boards. He is internationally awarded, recipient of the Jinling Award in 2016. His doctoral degree is from Helsinki University of Technology (1984); London Business School Alumni (1989).

Irene Suomi

Research Scientist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute

The Winds of North – Is It Always Windy Somewhere?

Dr. Irene Suomi is a research scientist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Her main fields of expertise are atmospheric turbulence and wind, with special focus on short-duration wind speed maxima, called wind gusts. She earned her PhD from the University of Helsinki in 2017, after which she was internationally acknowledged by an invitation to become a convener of a wind gust session in the Annual Meetings of the European Meteorological Society (EMS).

During the past years, she has been actively working in research projects related to wind and turbulence in cold climates, including also Arctic and Antarctic meteorology. Currently, she is also the president of the Geophysical Society of Finland, and the delegate of the Finnish national committee of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP).

Jukka Ruusunen

CEO of Fingrid Oyj

Grid – Platform for Energy Transition

Jukka Ruusunen has been Managing Director of Fingrid Oyj since 2007. Preceding his time at Fingrid, Ruusunen served as the Development Director at Fortum for 10 years. Prior to this, he worked at University of Technology and Helsinki School of Economics for 15 years during his early career. Jukka Ruusunen is a Doctor of Technology.

Juha Turkki

Senior Advisor at SKM Market Predictor as

Cannibalization and profile risk

Juha Turkki, M.Sc. (For.) has 20 years of experience in energy sector having been working in private and public sectors. His expertise covers long term power market analysis, energy and climate policy issues and profitability analysis of renewable technologies. Currently, he works at SKM Market Predictor in various power market related consultancy projects.

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