Wind Finland 2017

on 26th of October in Nuuksio National Park

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Haltia - The Finnish Nature Centre

 Haltia is located in the Nuuksio National Park. Only 30 minutes drive from Helsinki gets visitor surrounded by the spectacular views of Nuuksio and Lake Pitkäjärvi. Free busses for seminar guests operates between Central Railway Station and Haltia.


More speakers will be announced later.


Professor in Russian Energy Policy Aleksanteri Institute


    Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment


      Leading Specialist in Renewable energy unit at Energy Authority of Finland

      Auction Session


        CEO of Wind Europe

        Future of Wind Power in Europe


          Principal scientist at VTT

          Internet of Energy


            Research Professor at the Finnish Environment Institute and University of Oulu

            Demand response with large scale intermittent production


              HALTIA, NUUKSIO


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              Past seminars

              Wind Finland 2016 Program

              Wednesday 26th of October

              Jarno Limnéll: Cybersecurity – necessity and enabler

              Robert Speht: Support Schemes all around the world

              Anja Liukko: Finnish wind power sector is in between two phases

              Jan Hagen: Vestas perspectives on continued competitiveness in the Finnish market

              Andrew Garrad: The big picture – how is wind power doing in global framework?

              Valtteri Hongisto: Health effects caused by the infra-sound of wind turbines

              Hannele Holttinen: Energy transition, electricity market and wind power

              Leena Sivill: Renewable energy scenarios to 2050

              Interaction with Nordic seminars

              Wind Finland 2015 Program

              Thursday 29th of October

              Main stage

              Jason Staines, Entrepreneur, Aalto EE Helsinki, Living with Purpose – Calm, Courage and Self-Belief

              Christopher StanleyIndependent new blade quality Inspections: Why and how?

              Pasi Vainikka, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
              The worst ideas in energy future

              Anja Liukko, Ministry of Employment and the Economy
              Finland’s RES-target for 2030

              Valtteri Hongisto, TTL
              Perceptions of wind turbine noise around two Finnish wind farms

              VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Etha Wind & Puhuri Oy
              Estimating icing in Finnish climate conditions

              Sten Lillienau, Neas Energy
              Challenges and possibilities of handling more wind power in the power system – conclusions from Denmark

              Session 1, Insights of Finnish wind power market

              Heidi PaalatieFinnish Wind Power Association, Market trends

              Sanna UskiVTT- Technical Research Centre of Finland
              Grid Connection Requirements for Wind Power Today and in Near Future

              Ville VyyryläinenAttorneys-at-Law Mäkitalo Rantanen
              What are mankala corporations?

              Aleksi NordlundFortum Power and Heat Oy
              Physical power market from wind owner´s perspective – Case: balance management

              Sami HaapanalaRSC Finland Oy
              Verified SODAR and LIDAR measurements speed up wind power development

              Anni MikkonenFinnish Wind Power Association
              Options for Future Support Mechanisms for Renewables in Finland

              Session 2, Contract clinic

              Aimo HalonenAttorneys-at-Law Mäkitalo Rantanen
              Contracts (in Finnish)

              Session 3, Communications clinic

              Minna HaapsaariViestintä Haapsaari
              Communications (in Finnish)

              Wind Finland 2014 Program

              Insights to Finnish business culture – U.S. Ambassador to Finland, Mr. Bruce Oreck

              How is the wind land doing? – Anni Mikkonen, CEO, Finnish Wind Power Association

              Successful project development – Karoliina Joensuu, Section Head Wind Power, Pöyry Finland Oy

              Grids – How to get connected? – Petri Parviainen, Head of Grid Service Unit, Fingrid Oyj

              Minimizing uncertainty in arctic climate wind measurements – Juha Paldanius, Vaisala Oyj Networks

              Wind turbine sound – the hottest topic in Finland? – Mauno Aho, Project Manager, FCG Design and Engineering Oy

              Challenging modeling of wind profiles in Finnish conditions – Arne Gravdahl, Dr, CTO, WindSim A/S Etha Wind Oy

              Recent legal praxis and learning of cases from higher courts – Aimo Halonen, Partner, Attorney-at-law, Mäkitalo Rantanen & Co Oy

              Protecting the deal: Legal issues in successful Finnish wind projects – Andrew Cotton, Partner, Hammarström Puhakka Partners, Attorneys Ltd

              Feed-in tariff: Recent changes and outlook to 2030 – Anja Liukko, Counselor, Ministry of Employment and the Economy

              Investor experiences, comparison to other European markets – Ben Stafford, Associate Director, Private Equity/Infrastructure, Impax Asset Management

              Panel discussion and summary of the day
              Ms. Anni Mikkonen, CEO, Finnish Wind Power Association
              Ms. Karoliina Joensuu, Section Head Wind Power, Pöyry Finland Oy
              Mr. Aimo Halonen, Partner, Attorney-at-law, Mäkitalo Rantanen & Co Oy
              Ms. Anja Liukko, Ministry of Employment and the Economy
              Mr. Ben Stafford, Associate Director, Impax Asset Management Ltd.


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